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Condaghes has always focused on innovative ideas and publications with the ambition of valorising Sardinian language and culture.
It has published hundreds of books on many subjects, namely: young and adult fiction, local history, music, linguistics and non-fiction in general.

New technologies also play an important part with products such as web contents, eBooks, videos and multimedia.
Research and enhancement of local potentialities with new methods and openness of concepts are therefore the elements that underlie the editorial project of the Condaghes Publishing House.

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"Flavia´s end" alla Fiera del Libro di Iglesias con la...

Martedì 4 ottobre, alle ore 18, si terrà a Iglesias, in Piazza Municipio, l'incontro con Claudia Aloisi e il...

 4 October 2022 Events

"Riccino e Riccetta" a Serramanna al festival Stràngius

Sabato 1 ottobre Rita Atzeni e Eva Rasano presentano Riccino e Riccetta alle scuole elementari “Via Sicilia” e “Via Silvio...

 1 October 2022 Events
La Condaghes alla Fiera del libro di Argonautilus

La Condaghes alla Fiera del libro di Argonautilus

Fiera del Libro di Argonautilus VII edizione "La Meraviglia" Dal 29 settembre al 4 ottobre 2022 Iglesias, Portoscuso, Gonnesa,...

 29 September 2022 - 4 October 2022 Events